Consulting unleashed
Reshaped help companies and consultants to find each other without intermediaries.
Reshaped beta is now launched!

A groundbreaking service that connects consultants and consulting purchasers using multidimensional matching.

This is how it works (in Swedish):

Soon, you'll get more than that!

We will soon also provide you with a complete management system! This will include interview booking, time reporting, contract management and invoicing, easily accessed through your mobile phone or preferred platform.

Join our recruitment to create a more cost-effective and honest consultant trade!

Do you want to recruit consultants?

Do you represent a company and are looking for the best consultants on the market, matched for your particular needs and values? Reshaped offers a unique solution! Our algorithms match your assignments with the most suitable consultants, completely without the impact of financial gain or sales pressure.

Based on knowledge, experience and soft values, your assignment is presented directly to the right matching consultants. No middle men. No sales pressure. Total transparency.